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Only 1 in 9 Students Get this Math Question Right

Latest PSLE Math question style

Amelia bought 24 chocolate muffins, some strawberry muffins and some hazelnut muffins to give to her classmates. Each muffin cost $3 and she paid $198 for all the muffins. Each of her classmates was given 2 muffins and there were no muffins left. Each statement below is either true, false or not possible to tell from the information given. For each statement, choose the right response - True, False or Not Possible To Tell 

  1. There were 34 people in Amelia’s class
  2. Amelia bought 4 times as many hazelnut muffins as strawberry muffins.

Have fun! 

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Answers: (1) True (2) False

Total number of muffins $198/$3 = 66
No. of classmates 66/2 = 33
Many students will select False for part (a). But Amelia did not give herself any muffin. Amelia has 33 classmates. Therefore including Amelia, there will be 33+1=34 people in the class.
The answer for (a) is True.

Many students will select Not Possible to Tell for part (b) without doing any working. This is a pitfall.😏
Total number of strawberry muffins and hazelnut muffins 66 – 24 = 42
Hazelnut 4 units
Strawberry 1 unit
4 units + 1 unit = 5 units
5 units ➡️ 42
Now we have a problem. 42 cannot be divided by 5. The answer is False.

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