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Only 1 in 9 Students Get this Trending PSLE Math Question Right

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Amelia bought 24 chocolate muffins, some strawberry muffins and some hazelnut muffins to give to her classmates. Each muffin cost $3 and she paid $198 for all the muffins. Each of her classmates was given 2 muffins and there were no muffins left. Each statement below is either true, false or not possible to tell from the information given. For each statement, choose the right response - True, False or Not Possible To Tell 

  1. There were 34 people in Amelia’s class
  2. Amelia bought 4 times as many hazelnut muffins as strawberry muffins.

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Try it before scrolling down to answers below...          

Answers: (1) True (2) False


Total number of muffins $198/$3 = 66

No. of classmates 66/2 = 33

Many students will select False for part (a). But Amelia did not give herself any muffin. Amelia has 33 classmates. Therefore including Amelia, there will be 33+1=34 people in the class.

The answer for (a) is True.

Many students will select Not Possible to Tell for part (b) without doing any working. This is a pitfall.😏

Total number of strawberry muffins and hazelnut muffins 66 – 24 = 42

Hazelnut 4 units

Strawberry 1 unit

4 units + 1 unit = 5 units

5 units ➡️ 42

Now we have a problem. 42 cannot be divided by 5. The answer is False.