• Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.

    - Albert Einstein






  • English






    Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run, and out of which they grow.

    - Oliver Wendell Holmes

    Club Focus brings new insights every session

    Club Focus

    Topics to Trigger Lively Discussions

    Every month, we anchor our Club Focus on a given theme. Interesting and thought-provoking articles and videos are introduced to the students. These articles and videos serve as a platform for us to have lively discussions with the students and for us to teach grammar and vocabulary in context. Through these discussions, we spark the students’ curiosity about the world, and hone their ability to reason and articulate their views confidently.

    Drama and exaggeration helps students develop interest and understanding


    Drama for Deepening Understanding

    Mastery of a language is much more than just grammar and vocabulary. Often, students struggle with comprehension passages and composition writing because of their limited understanding of the world rather than their lack of language skills. Drama is a very powerful teaching tool as it helps students to make sense of the world in a more concrete and explicit manner. More importantly, learning English through the use of drama makes it a lot more fun and engaging for the students.

    Cusomized approach to composition writing


    Customized Approach towards Composition Writing

    Different students have different learning gaps and writing abilities. Having a small class size allows the teacher to close the learning gaps of each student and to level them up using different strategies and materials.

    Structured framework for oral exams

    Oral Examination

    Structured Approach for Oral Examination Preparation

    Students are taught explicit reading skills like the 4Ps (Pitch, Pace, Pauses and Power). Curriculum will also be set aside for students to practice their Stimulus-Based Conversation so that the students build up their content knowledge of the different topics.

    Sharpening exam skills

    Exam Skills

    Sharpening Examination -Taking Skills

    For students to do well in their examinations, they need both mastery of the English Language, and good examination-taking skills. The English Examination consists of many components. Teachers will go through all components so students gain the confidence to handle them. Our teachers will also guide the students on how to tackle each component through useful tips, techniques and frequent practices.

  • Math


    Welcome to Our World of 'Mathemagical' Secrets!

    - TLC's magic recipe

    Math magic and approach

    Mathemagical Secrets

    Understanding and Ownership of Concepts

    Every new concept introduced is preceded by a class discussion called “Mathemagical Secrets” whereby students take ownership of new knowledge by discovering the magic behind why a formula or a method works.

    In depth curriculum

    Curriculum Specialist

    Designed to Overcome Student's Most Common Mistakes

    Every worksheet is designed to achieve a specific learning objective. Our Curriculum Specialist is deeply familiar with the common misconceptions and areas of difficulties that students typically face.

    Handouts and solid lesson plans

    Lesson Plans

    Structured Approach for Oral Examination Preparation

    A wide variety of handouts is designed to facilitate flexible and individualized lesson plans for each student based on different schools’ trends as well as individual learning pace and areas of weakness.

    Scaffolding and chunking for digesting knowledge

    Mastery Handouts

    Scaffolding and Chunking to Help Students Learn

    Mastery Handouts are thoughtfully designed with careful scaffolding and deliberate chunking of concepts.

    Scaffolding and chunking are terms used in educational psychology. The former refers to support and demonstrations provided before a student is taught something new, while the latter refers to the breaking down of skills into smaller chunks to help students learn a challenging skill.

  • Chinese






    To learn a new language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.

    - Chinese Proverb

    Using story telling to capture attention

    Story Telling

    Using Stories to Drop the Fear and Capture Interest

    The power of story telling and sharing is exponential. Picture books are carefully selected in consideration of the lesson themes and ability of our students.


    Through a highly interactive story-telling approach whereby students get to immerse themselves in the story through role-play and discussions, we help students to overcome their fear of the Chinese language, and to be interested in Chinese eventually.


    By capturing the interest of our students and exposing them to an array of text types, we help our students to develop their ability to recognize, read, infer and express themselves fluently. Listening Comprehension types of questions and techniques are always integrated within the story telling session in a fun manner through games and competitions.


    The ability to express one’s opinion and infer the moral of a story is crucial when answering free response questions in the Comprehension component.

    World events discussed in club focus

    Club Focus

    Topics to Trigger Lively Discussions

    Similar to our English programme, we engage our students effectively with our monthly theme of topics. These themes are weaved into Orals and Composition Writing seamlessly to help students internalize the mandatory vocabulary list associated with each theme.


    Where applicable, we will cross reference materials between the English and Chinese programs so students will be receptive to Chinese at the initial stage.


    Articles including the latest news and global trends will be customized based on our students’ proficiency levels to promote acceptance and appreciation of the language. This will pave the way for a highly intellectual and engaging conversation which are key attributes for Oral testing.

  • Science






    Somewhere. Something Incredible is Waiting to be Known.

    - Carl Sagan










    A strong foundation that bridges knowledge and concepts

    Solid Foundation

    Comprehensive Notes

    Build a strong foundation in Science by complementing each new concept with comprehensive notes.

    Comprehensive worksheets to facilitate learning

    Comprehensive Worksheets

    Carefully Curated MCQs and FRQs

    Comprehensive worksheets to facilitate understanding and internalizing concepts using a range of carefully curated Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Free Response Questions (FRQ) from our extensive database.

    exam answering techniques

    Exam Answering Techniques

    Answering Techniques

    Develop and train students to tackle exam answering techniques, such as using the relevant key words and adopting a template for free response, experiment-based and application questions.

    Science Experiments

    Fun Experiments

    Applying Science to Real Life

    Introduce experiments and fun components during holidays where students are guided to develop skills on observation, interpretation and analysis. This will not only train students to answer experiment-based questions, but more importantly, enables them to associate science concepts to real-life application. Students will also be tasked to present their findings, enabling them to hone their oral communication and presentation skills and further reinforcing concept mastery.

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