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    To learn a new language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.

    - Chinese Proverb

    Embracing Bilingualism

    Is it really possible?

    It is not uncommon for Chinese tuition in Singapore to evoke moans and groans from primary school children.


    Class sizes in many Chinese Tuition Centres are huge and students don't benefit from the lecture style of teaching. Given long lists of Chinese words to memorise, children can't help but give up and lament, "I am bad at Chinese!"


    Is it really possible for your child to be effectively bilingual in Singapore?


    Hear what our student has to say in the video above and read on to learn more about how your child can benefit from Chinese classes conducted in The Learners' Club, your one-stop PSLE tuition centre in Bukit Timah.

    Story Telling in Chinese Tuition

    Integrating Story Telling into Chinese Tuition

    Arousing Interest and Dissipating Fear

    Many students dread going for Chinese Tuition because they find the lessons boring and repetitive. So what is a good Chinese tuition teacher like?


    Imagine your child foregoing their favourite TV show in order to do their Chinese homework. Imagine your child forming close friendships and laughing with their friends while learning and speaking Chinese.


    Imagine your child bugging you to send them early to Chinese class and asking you to arrange for extra classes because they want to proactively improve their Chinese.


    The power of story telling and sharing is exponential. Picture books are carefully selected based on the syllabus, lesson themes and the interests and ability of your child.


    Through a highly interactive story-telling approach, your child gets to immerse themselves in the story through role-play and discussions. Your child eventually learns to overcome their fear of the Chinese language and can't help but find Chinese relatable, humorous and fun to learn.


    By capturing the interest of our students and exposing them to an array of text types, we help our students to develop their ability to recognize, read, infer and express themselves fluently. Listening Comprehension types of questions and techniques are always integrated within the story telling session in a fun manner through games and competitions.


    The ability to express one’s opinion and infer the moral of a story is crucial when answering free response questions in the Comprehension component.

    World events in Chinese Tuition

    Club Focus

    Triggering Lively Discussions

    Similar to our English programme, we engage our students effectively with our monthly theme of topics. These themes are weaved into Orals and Composition Writing seamlessly to help students internalize the mandatory vocabulary list associated with each theme.


    Where applicable, we will cross reference materials between the English and Chinese programs so students will be receptive to Chinese at the initial stage.


    Articles including the latest news and global trends are customized based on our students’ proficiency levels to promote acceptance and appreciation of the language.


    We pride ourselves in being the only small group Chinese Tuition provider in Bukit Timah, with class sizes of 3 to 6 only.


    This enables our teachers to know your child really well and to tailor lesson themes to your child's particular interests (such as Kpop or Dance), paving the way for your child to participate in highly engaging conversations in class in Chinese.

  • No one can force a child to speak a language. However, here at TLC, we can set the stage so that they will want to speak it.





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