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    Club Focus in English Tuition

    Club Focus

    Topics to Trigger Lively Discussions

    Every 6 weeks in The Learners' Club, we have a new Club Focus which is a theme that anchors the teaching and learning of various English exam components such as cloze passage and comprehension. Interesting and thought-provoking articles and videos are introduced to the students.


    Club Focus themes include Technology, Unsolved Mysteries and the Holocaust, with the objective of grooming your child to become a future thought leader.


    These articles and videos serve as a platform to facilitate lively discussions and to teach grammar and vocabulary in context. Through these discussions, we spark your child's curiosity about the world and hone their ability to reason and to articulate their opinions and feelings confidently.

    Learning English through Drama

    Integrating Drama into English Tuition

    Understanding Human Behavior and Emotions

    It may be a common misconception that P6 English Tuition is all about drilling grammar, spelling and vocabulary lists. The truth is - Often, students struggle with comprehension passages and composition writing because of their limited understanding of the world rather than their lack of language skills.


    Drama is a very powerful teaching tool as it helps students to make sense of the world in a more concrete and explicit manner. As they come to understand cause and effect, and that emotions drive actions, they learn to write and interpret passages in a realistic way.


    More importantly, learning English through the use of drama makes lessons highly engaging and memorable for your child. Their mastery of the language grows far beyond just memorising grammar rules and into the realm of using language as a bridge to understand others and to express their own emotions.

    Exam skills for English

    Exam Skills

    Sharpening Crucial Examination Techniques

    The English Examination consists of many components and good exam-taking skills are essential. Our in-house English Curriculum is designed such that each examinable component is covered through intensive deep dives 2-3 times per term cyclically so that students continuously grow in mastery and confidence in handling each component.


    During each 6-week Curriculum Cycle, relevant tips, key exam techniques and frequent practices are given to reinforce the skills required to do well in each component. A full-format exam paper is given every term to diagnose areas that require further focus and improvement.

    English Composition Writing Tuition


    Customized Approach towards Composition Writing

    Different students have different learning gaps and writing abilities. Having a small class size allows the teacher to close the learning gaps of each student and to level them up using different strategies and materials.


    For example, if your child's interest lies in football, the teacher will help them craft storylines for various topics and visuals ("A gift", "A journey", "A good deed", "Victory" etc) around football. This way, your child finds joy in writing and learns the vocabulary that is relevant to his domain of interest, enabling him to write expressively and meaningfully without mindlessly memorising long lists of "beautiful phrases". 


    Composition classes are held in such a way that students get customized teaching to hone their individual writing skills and also learn from their peers, hence helping them to create a large pool of creative ideas to draw from in the exam.

    Best English Oral Tuition Centre

    Oral Examination

    Structured Preparation for Oral Examination

    Students are taught explicit reading skills in preparation for PSLE Oral Examinations such as the 4Ps (Pitch, Pace, Pauses and Power). Our curriculum is designed so that students get regular practice for Stimulus-Based Conversation.


    We train your child in their Oral skills 3 times every term and hold an oral exam simulation once a term followed by a review on their strengths and weaknesses based on assessment rubrics. As a result, your child becomes more self-aware and confident in the way they demonstrate their oral skills with respect to exam rubrics. Over time, they also build up a huge repertoire of content knowledge and become conversant in a wide range of topics.

  • A Differentiated Approach to English

    Every level has it's own unique learning objective. We provide a customized approach at each level to maximize your child's learning at every stage of their learning. Find out more by clicking on your child's level below.

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