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    A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils.


    - Ever Garrison

  • Ms Uma Berthier, Best English Teacher in Bukit Timah

    Ms Uma

    HOD English


    Ms Uma cuts a strong and maternal figure as she reads aloud in her rich and resonant voice in class.


    Her students find her just as warm and comforting as her voice suggests.


    Having raised highly accomplished children in the midst of acute adversity, Ms Uma is the personification of resilience as both mother and teacher.


    She believes with a passion that every child can be empowered to tell a compelling story.


    All they need is her special recipe of patience, encouragement and a sprinkle of imagination.

  • Ms Wai Ling

    HOD Chinese


    Ms Wai Ling is your friendly and affectionately naggy mum-away-from-home.


    She forms deep and strong emotional connections with her students and counsels them through challenges they face both in school and at home.


    After more than a decade on the local and international education scene, Ms Wai Ling has a knack for helping students overcome emotional hurdles to embrace bilingualism.


    Not only does she touch hearts and minds, Ms Wai Ling also has a solid track record of delivering substantial grade improvements in Chinese.


    It is no wonder that her Chinese students are all her superfans!

    Ms Chua Wai Ling, Best Chinese Teacher in Bukit Timah
  • Ms Jeannie

    HOD Science


    Ms Jeannie nurtures the innate curiosity in every child and expounds on science concepts in a way that inspires awe and wonder in her students.


    Her lessons are always riveting and enriched by science experiments, making scientific discovery a personal and unforgettable experience for every child.


    With an engineering degree, NIE training as well as 18 years of experience under her belt, Ms Jeannie is an expert at breaking down complex concepts and honing essential answering techniques for exam-taking.


    As a result, her students continue to achieve stellar results year after year, bravo!

  • Ms Wong

    HOD Primary Mathematics


    Cheerful and bubbly, Ms Wong is a sunny and uplifting presence in her students' lives.


    She can always be counted on to put a smile on her student's face on a bad day and to motivate them to get back to work.


    Ms Wong has a degree in psychology and is a Cambridge Certified Teacher.


    She has been working with primary school children for 13 years and is remarkably patient and knowledgeable when it comes to behavioral and learning issues that students may have.


    Ms Wong believes in addressing the root cause of learning challenges rather than solely drilling for the sake of exams.


    Over the years, her sustained track record in delivering As and A*s in Math PSLE results is a blazing testament to her teaching philosophy.

    Ms Chua Wai Ling, Best Chinese Teacher in Bukit Timah
  • Ms Brenda



    Ms Brenda is a ball of positivity and infectious energy wherever she goes.


    Her skillful use of humour and dramatic reenactment never fail to fill her classroom with the sound of giggles and the hush of fascinated attention.


    An ex-MOE Subject Head of English, with a Distinction in Trinity Guildhall Speech and Drama, it comes as no surprise that Ms Brenda was nominated for the Inspiring Teacher of English Award in her school!

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