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    Somewhere. Something Incredible is Waiting to be Known.

    - Carl Sagan

    Science tuition strong foundation

    Comprehensive Notes

    Building a Solid Foundation

    In The Learners' Club, comprehensive notes accompany each new concept to build a strong foundation in Science.


    Frequently tested concepts, keywords and must-know diagrams are highlighted and annotated in class.


    Not only do our Science teachers constantly give reminders and tips that are crucial for scoring well in the exam, they also skillfully link all the concepts together and bring the subject to life!

    Science tuition proven results

    Effective Worksheets

    Carefully Curated MCQs and FRQs

    Comprehensive worksheets are designed to facilitate understanding and internalizing concepts using a range of carefully curated Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Free Response Questions (FRQ) from our extensive database.


    Science tuition in The Learners' Club is highly effective because of our teachers and our worksheets.


    Decades of teaching experience and research into exam trends goes into the design of each worksheet to train your child for effective application of the skills they have learnt.

    Top science tuition exam techniques

    Exam Answering Techniques

    Answering with Correct Keywords and Logical Reasoning

    Some students study very hard for Science yet still lose lots of marks in their Science exam papers.


    We train students to develop good answering techniques, such as using the relevant key words and adopting a template for free response, experiment-based and application questions.


    Instead of learning by trial and error, science tuition is meant to save your child time by giving them effective shortcuts so that they understand what is required in the exam and answer accordingly.


    It is important to train your child's reasoning ability so that they understand what information they have and what information they can deduce from there.

    Science Tuition with Experiments

    Integrating Experiments into Science Tuition

    Applying Science to The World Around Us

    We introduce experiments and other hands-on components during holidays where students are guided to develop skills on observation, interpretation and analysis.


    This will not only train students to answer experiment-based questions, but more importantly, enables them to associate science concepts to real life.


    Students will also be tasked to present their findings, enabling them to hone their oral communication and presentation skills and further reinforcing concept mastery.

  • Education is not the learning of facts,

    but the training of the mind to think.

    - Albert Einstein

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