• Teachers Who Treat Students Like Their Own

    "Since Primary 3, I’ve been personally coaching my daughter Trixie Math, Science and occasionally English. After eons of ditching the textbooks, I had to plow through materials to learn, and with much grit, guided her through P3 and P4. As she progressed to P5, the syllabus got tougher and seeking professional help seemed inevitable.

    Having taught my child, I was looking for teachers who aren’t just experienced but also passionate and treat students like their own - recognizing every student’s strengths and weaknesses, guiding and helping them in a personalised approach.

    Wai Ling’s vision of The Learners’ Club (TLC) seems aligned with what I was looking for. Trixie enrolled in TLC tuition centre in February 2017, she first started with English, and constantly raves about the unorthodox way the lesson was conducted. Miss Brenda, an unusually animated teacher, has a way to create lively discussions and provide insights beyond the textbook, which Trixie benefitted in terms of oral, writing and better comprehending passages.

    Trixie is currently enrolled in all subjects. Over the last six months, on top of feedback and guidance on academics, advice and strategies were constantly given on how to better manage stress and time. It is heartening to see Trixie growing to be more resilient and exhibiting a keen interest in all subjects.


    She is less resistant to Chinese and Math (which used to be her two most dreaded subjects). In addition, my sister and I witnessed her conversing Mandarin in a more confident manner. Her ability to tackle challenging Math questions has also leveled up.


    I’m thankful for the committed and dedicated teachers at TLC. So, here’s a shout out to Wai Ling, Brenda, Miss Wong and Chloe! The journey to PSLE is going to be arduous but I’m glad to have you guys walking the journey with Trixie!"



    Ms Su-Ann, Mother of Trixie
    P5 student at Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary



  • It's not just about Teaching. It's about Building Relationships.

    "On the day that my long-time Chinese tutor of 5 years stopped teaching, I struck up a conversation with a girl whilst waiting for the lift at Tott in Sime Darby Centre and learnt of a new tuition centre that had just opened its doors. In truth, I was not looking to send my girls to a centre for lack of a personal touch but on that day, something prompted me to just go make enquiries.

    And so from that moment of serendipity, our lives became entwined with The Learners' Club and in a short span of just 4 months, Wai Ling has become a main stay in the development of my children's Chinese education and more.


    From our very first conversation that fateful day, I could tell that Wai Ling's care for her students goes beyond just helping them improve their grades. She is genuinely interested in the wellness of each child and in helping to foster an attitude of learning that will serve them for life.

    She really takes the time to build relationships with her charges, which to me sets her centre apart from the many centres of learning excellence. It is little wonder that my children so enjoy their learning there!"



    Mrs Lim, Mother of P1 and P4 students at Methodist Girls' School



  • Brilliant Teachers!

    "The Learners' Club is an absolute gem! Teachers are BRILLIANT - not only are they experienced but their dedication in bringing out the best in the children is admirable! Definitely not your typical tuition centre. Schools worldwide (be it local or international ones) could do with teachers like Wai Ling and Brenda."



    Ms Juno, Mother of Shaun
    P4 student at Maris Stella Primary School



  • I Never Thought We Could Excel in Chinese

    "Wai Ling,


    The high scores in Chinese oral and compo doesn't come easy and quickly! We appreciate you painstakingly taking the time to understand Charis' problems in her Chinese and helping her with the possible A* achievement. With her Chinese ability before joining TLC, it didn't cross my mind that we can score in compo and oral!!!


    Your oral revision was magical and so is the compo writing class. She has never been able to get past 23/40 and now consistently hitting above 33/40!! I believe the techniques she acquired can see her through her secondary school years. She mentioned that your compre class was super clear too!


    Thank you very much indeed, Wai Ling, for raising her level of Chinese and she is looking forward to a possible A* for her PSLE."



    Jess, Mother of Charis
    P6 student at Nanyang Primary School


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