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    TLC Founder, Chua Wai Ling

    Founder's Story

    A Calling To Be An Educator

    Since I was a child, I have aspired to be a teacher. My passion was kindled by teachers who had helped me in many ways -- by sharpening my thinking, inspiring me and moulding my character throughout my growing years.

    However, I forgot my initial dream of becoming an educator after I entered the workforce. Fortunately, my career took me to new roles in education- first as a Director of Finance in an International School, and subsequently as a C-suite executive in one of the leading enrichment centres in Singapore.


    As I interacted with more students and teachers, something called to me and I felt a strong compulsion to make a real difference in the field of education.


    Grit for PSLE Results

    Tuition is About More Than Profits

    Fostering Grit for PSLE and Beyond 

    The longer I stayed in the education industry, the more strongly I felt that education should be about something greater than profits.


    Engaging students' minds and hearts so that they have a meaningful learning experience paves the way for their long-term success. Equally crucial is fostering in them the necessary grit and mental resilience to overcome the obstacles that they will inevitably face.


    Even though these may be difficult to measure, I believe they should be part of the key success outcomes of an enrichment centre.


    It wasn't until I had to shepherd my eldest child across the thorny terrain of PSLE that the vision of my dream tuition centre really took form. In my own quest to seek expert help while guiding my son as a working mum, I gained valuable perspective on the sort of teacher and learning experience that I wanted for my children.


    Small Group Tuition, Excellent Teachers

    The Birth of an Enrichment Centre

    A Great Teacher Can Transform Students

    I mustered up my courage to start the enrichment centre of my dreams. I assembled a team of the best teachers I could find, each experts in their subjects, and I became my own first customer by entrusting my children's learning journey to them.


    When I say that the key to igniting a student’s passion for learning is the Teacher, I speak from experience.


    You may have seen for yourself how a great teacher can effect a complete transformation in a previously disinterested student, even beyond just academic pursuits.


    That is my vision for every child that walks into The Learners' Club.


    That is also why I am extremely stringent in my selection of teachers. They are required, not only to be pedagogically sound, but also to have a genuine passion and love for teaching.

    I also firmly believe in reading and in drama-infused language programmes. They set the stage for unlocking a child's emergent talents as well as developing their confidence and creative thinking skills.


    All these are key facets of enduring success.


    MOE registered teachers with love

    Top Tutors with Big Hearts

    Enrichment Run with Love

    I have been blessed to find rare teaching talents like Brenda, Uma, Jeannie and other elite teachers to join me in this teaching journey.


    We share the same vision that enrichment should be run with a Big Heart to help students achieve beyond academic excellence and to cultivate the right values and attitudes to succeed in life.


    As a team, we believe customization is necessary to unleash the potential of every student. We adopt a “whatever it takes” approach and teachers are empowered to pursue various strategies and techniques when teaching a student.

    I am grateful to our pioneer students and their parents who trusted and supported us in making this dream come true many years ago. I invite you to join our TLC family and together, we can look forward to an extraordinary learning journey.


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