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    Helping You Decide If We Are the Right Choice for Your Child

    Question 1: Why do our prices seem higher than other centres?

    In line with our objective to deliver a best-in-class education experience to your child, we offer competitive remuneration to attract the best teachers in Singapore.


    All of our teachers come with at least 10 years of teaching experience and a solid track record of delivering A*s and A1s. Every teacher we recruit is a star tutor in their own right.


    We also maintain the smallest class size in the education industry of 3 to 6, depending on our teachers' recommendations based on the needs of the class. Classes where students need more support are capped at 2 to 4 for an optimal learning experience.


    This way, your child is not competing for the teacher's attention and can receive personalised help that is targeted towards their individual needs.



    Question 2: What qualifications do our teachers have?

    Our teachers are education professionals with minimum 10 years of experience and are experts in their respective subjects. They have a proven track record of delivering academic excellence in both public and private education.


    All of our teachers undergo a rigorous interview process, including a teaching demonstration. The key quality we look for in our teachers is the ability to engage, motivate and inspire our students.


    Each teacher is also experienced in collaborating with parents to achieve optimal learning outcomes for our students. In line with our mission to set every student up for success beyond the classroom, our teachers lead rich personal and professional lives and are excellent role models and life coaches to our students.



    Question 3: What is our average class size?

    Our average class size is 3 to 6 students. Classes with students who need more support are capped at a size of 2 to 4 so that teachers can provide greater customisation to each individual.



    Question 4: How much are our fees?

    P1 to P5: $90 per lesson

    P6 (flow up): $90 per lesson

    P6 (new enrolment): $95 per lesson

    S1 to S4: $95 per lesson



    Question 5: What subjects and levels do we offer?

    English: P1 to Sec 1

    Mathematics: P3 to Sec 4*

    Science: P5 to P6

    Chinese: P4 to Sec 4


    *Due to limited capacity, Sec 3/4 Math is offered only to existing students who are flowing up for now



    Question 6: What is the duration of each lesson?

    Each lesson is 2 hours long.



    Question 7: My child is shy, is group tuition suitable for them?

    Many of our students are first-time attendees of small group tuition classes. They are shy initially but tend to warm up after a few weeks.


    Our teachers are exceptionally skillful in engaging students and managing class dynamics.


    Our students stay in the same tuition classes for years and forge strong friendships with one another. Rest assured that your child will be in good hands.


    We like to say that TLC is The Laughing Classroom-- you can typically hear happy sounds of laughter along our corridor.



    Question 8: My child doesn't like change, will the same teacher be teaching my child in subsequent years?

    Most of the time, yes! We are parents like you and keenly understand the advantages of ensuring continuity in learning for a child.


    We engage only teachers with high commitment levels who are passionate about being a part of your child's growth and seeing them through their education milestones.


    In our Chinese and Math Tuition Classes especially, our teachers have deep expertise in the entire range of the primary, secondary and even JC curriculum.


    Your child's teacher will get to know your child's strengths, weaknesses and learning style from primary school and continue guiding them through secondary school and even JC.


    We have found that the rapport developed between a child and their teacher as well as their fellow classmates over time creates a synergy that really helps to accelerate the child's learning.



    Question 9: What is your replacement class policy?

    We do not provide refunds for lessons missed. Instead, parents may choose one of two options:


    (1) Your child may replace the lesson missed by attending a different class within the same week for the same subject, or

    (2) Your child may replace the lesson missed by attending any class at any time for a different subject.



    Question 10: Do you have any holiday programmes?

    Yes, we conduct ad hoc holiday programmes when there is a need or demand for them.


    For example, we have conducted end-of-year intensive revision programmes for P5 students going to P6 who need a stronger foundation.


    We have also conducted PSLE boot camps with multiple exam simulations during school holidays to provide P6 students with mental prep, goal setting and results analysis.


    There is usually a surge in demand for Chinese Oral Preparation in the school holidays and we cater for that as well.



    Question 11: I am interested in enrolling my child, do I need to place a deposit?

    No, you might be happy to hear that we do not collect deposits.


    We have excellent retention rates and are confident that your child will love our classes.


    We pride ourselves on being a small class tuition provider and we build great relationships with our parents due to our personal touch. We look forward to welcoming you into our TLC family.



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