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    Math Tuition and Magic

    Mathemagical Secrets

    Ownership of Concepts

    Some children have a fear of failing at a difficult subject. When it comes to Math, the first introduction to an unfamiliar topic can have a lasting impact on whether your child will forever love or fear that topic.


    In TLC, we aim to introduce topics before they are covered in school. Each new concept is preceded by a class discussion called “Mathemagical Secrets” whereby students take ownership of new knowledge by discovering the magic behind why a formula or a method works.


    By ensuring that deep engagement, real understanding and lots of magic happens during the first introduction, it makes subsequent practices to hone the mastery of that topic a much smoother process.

    Math Worksheets for PSLE Heuristics

    Meticulous Curriculum Design

    Targeting Common Pitfalls

    Every worksheet is designed in-house based on research into emerging PSLE trends as well as school exam trends to achieve a specific learning objective.


    This way, if your child has a specific area of weakness, they will be assigned practices that are intended to correct their wrong concepts instead of wasting precious time on generic practice papers.


    We teach our students that their brains are like muscles that grow when trained regularly in the gym. Using this concept of progressive overload, challenging exam questions are broken down into increasing levels of difficulty so that the same key concept can be reinforced cyclically with growing complexity.

    PSLE Math Tuition Delivers Results

    Customized Lesson Plans for Your Child

    Learning at the Right Level

    At TLC, handouts are designed in such a way that there is a wide range of difficulty available for each topic.


    Students who need a stronger foundation are given worksheets that contain examples and demonstrations. Students who understand the concept but are lacking in accuracy are given repetitive exercises to train their focus and self-checking habits.


    And of course, we have advanced worksheets to stretch those are ready for a challenge.


    Our well-designed curriculum allows our teachers to design highly flexible and individualized lesson plans for each student based on their individual school trends as well as individual learning pace and areas of weakness. Your child will never be too intimidated or too bored.

    Scientifically Proven Learning Strategies

    Integrating Educational Psychology into Math Tuition

    Scaffolding and Chunking

    Mastery Handouts are thoughtfully designed with careful scaffolding and deliberate chunking of concepts.


    Scaffolding refers to support and demonstrations provided before a student is taught something new, while chunking refers to the breaking down of skills into smaller chunks to help students learn a challenging skill.


    We are the only math tuition centre in Bukit Timah who designs our curriculum with educational psychology principles in mind, to maximize the psychological readiness of your child to absorb and retain new learning.


    Our teachers are highly experienced and astute in ensuring that your child feels successful learning mathematics.

  • Here at TLC, we believe that

    Mistakes Allow Thinking to Happen.



    When a child goes "Aha!"

    that is the instant when mathematics

    becomes magic.

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