• Why Us?

    Because We Make it Work.












    Learning should be fun and engaging. We pride ourselves on the unique approach we adopt to help students achieve results.







    Small Focus Classes max 1:6

    Small Teacher to Student Ratio of 1:6

    Small Classes allow us to Focus on Every Child

    We don't believe in cramming as many kids as possible into a classroom. We want to give the personalized attention needed for students to feel engaged. All classes are limited to a size of 6 and below.

    Teachers with Solid Track Records

    Experienced Teachers with Sound Pedagogy

    Our teachers come with at least 10 years of teaching experience and solid track records. They have the ability to customize lessons to engage and meet the needs of each student effectively.

    Effective Classroom Time

    Effective Classroom Teaching Time

    Optimize Classroom Time for Teaching

    We emphasize the effective use of classroom hours so we can incorporate topics beyond academic requirements. For example, all our termly mocks exams are conducted outside of regular classroom hours so more time can be spent on learning instead of testing.

    Up to date curriculum English Math Science Chinese

    Relevant Curriculum

    Focus on Teaching the Right Stuff

    We spend a lot of time to make sure what we teach is up to date. Materials are updated continuously based on emerging trends in school exams, national exams as well as individual student profiles.

    Customization for every student

    Customization As Needed

    Hybrid System Caters to Different Student Needs

    We go to great lengths to help students by adopting a hybrid model of one-to-one individual lessons and group lessons when necessary, depending on the needs of the individual student. Materials and worksheets are customized taking into consideration students’ proficiency and their areas of strengths and weaknesses.

    Emphasis on Bilingualism

    Emphasis on Bilingualism

    Lose the Fear.

    Ignite the Interest

    For those taking up Chinese classes, we place strong emphasis on effective Bilingualism where there is a logical cross-reference between the English and Chinese Programmes to help students first overcome the fear of learning Chinese and then building an interest in the Chinese language.


      Helping Students retain knowledge

      Innovative Curriculum and Activities

        Making It Stick

        It's critical that our students not only retain what they learnt in the classroom, but also relate the knowledge they gained to the real world.


        Our teachers spent countless hours designing the curriculum materials to incorporate both local and world news and global trends.


        We use drama-infused language programs to spur creative thinking and help students in composition writing and oral communication.


        Interactive class activities are incorporated
        into every lesson, rotating among the following:

        1. Learning using Technology – Online Videos, Tutorials and Games
        2. Learning through Play – Interactive Games or Hands-On Activities that create mental engagement and a vivid impressions of concepts
        3. Mindsets, Emotions and Metacognitive Strategies – Motivational
          Videos, Reflections and Class Discussions on managing stress, managing failure, managing negative emotions and cultivating both academic and emotional maturity
        4. Real-Life Application – Hands-On Investigative or Explorative Activities in line with the MOE syllabus to help students make sense of mathematical/science concepts in real-life contexts and appreciate the usefulness of mathematics/science
      • Tracking our 2018 Math Results










        We don't believe in showcasing only specific students' results.

        We aim to help ALL OUR STUDENTS improve.



        Improvement from SA1 to SA2 results across all P3 - P5 students


        of P6 Math students improved at least 1 to 2 grades


        of P6 Math students scored A*

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