• P3 and P4 English Tuition

    Master the 4 Key Skills in English in Middle Primary


    • Does speaking English at home guarantee good grammar? You'll be surprised
    • Can students guess answers based on what sounds "correct" to them? 
    • Explicit teaching of grammar rules is important for exams
    • P3 and P4 is the golden period to build a strong foundation in grammar
    • Benefits: build clear understanding of grammar rules as a foundation for Upper Primary


    • Build vocabulary systematically in P3 and P4 through Club Focus, videos and articles
    • Highlight use of phrasal verbs, collocation, idioms and standard phrases in context
    • Develop sensitivity to how words are used in sentences
    • Benefits: be more attuned to contextual hints when attempting Comprehension Cloze in Upper Primary


    • Start preparing for Stimulus-Based Conversation (SBC) in P3 and P4
    • Prepare to answer commonly tested English Oral topics
    • Learn how to share personal experiences with examiners
    • Without guided practice, students struggle to express themselves confidently and with sufficient detail
    • Learn how to be engaging and interesting in conversation
    • Leverage topics of interest of your child to formulate suitable stories and experiences to shares during SBC
    • Benefits: students learn how to express their opinions and feelings in an engaging and confident manner


    • Learn the intricacies of good writing in P3 and P4
    • Discover their voice as a writer beyond common writing techniques
    • Every child is unique and expresses themselves with a personal style
    • Help your child to write and tell stories that are close to their hearts
    • Had enough of memorising standard templates? We offer you a better way
    • Benefits: your child learns to draw ideas from deep within themselves and unleash their creativity in writing - our English writing classes are always therapeutic
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