• P5 and P6 English Tuition

    Master the 4 Key Skills in English in Upper Primary


    • Navigate jump in difficulty level for grammar questions in P5 and P6
    • Guide students to identify different grammar concepts 
    • Teach students the techniques required to answer grammar questions
    • Benefits: TLC students do extremely well for their English grammar components after our guidance. Every. Single. Time.


    • A lot more challenging than grammar components in P5 and P6
    • There is no standard list of words to learn from 
    • Many English words have similar meanings but are used in different contexts 
    • Reading widely is crucial to do well in P5 and P6
    • Expose students to a wide range of text types
    • Highlight word choices and different usage in different contexts
    • Benefits: gain vast experience in reading and learn how to guess word usage using prefix, suffix and root word intelligently


    • Expose students to more current affairs in P5 and P6
    • Learn how to incorporate current affairs into Stimulus-Based Conversation (SBC)
    • Learn how to converse with depth and maturity in the English Oral exam
    • Help each student build their own personalised oral materials to draw from that is meaningful to the individual student based on their own interest, experience and opinions
    • Frustrated with memorising model answers for Oral? We offer you a better way
    • Provide sufficient 1 on 1 practice to build confidence in Oral
    • Benefits: students gain confidence and maturity to ace their English oral exams


    • Introduce situational writing in P5 English
    • Teach students the skills required to handle situational writing explicitly
    • Help students develop the very difficult skill of developing a suitable storyline
    • Why don't we give out model compositions like other English tuition centres?
    • Because memorising model compositions does not help students develop their skills to tweak a storyline to fit the topic or picture in the exam
    • TLC students stay in the same class under the same teacher for many years so our English teachers know your child very well
    • TLC teachers will guide your child in writing stories that are close to their hearts
    • For example, if your child like swimming, a storyline about swimming can be tweaked to fit topics like Perseverance, Friendship and A Victory. 
    • Benefits: your child will enjoy the writing process in TLC immensely and feel motivated to hone their English writing skills
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